Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"The newsletters came in today!!"

     That was the title of an email I received from our parent consultant on last Monday!  This is the same lady that called me earlier this year and told me that I needed to write an article for the CRS Parent Connection newsletter.  At first I had told her that I wouldn't know what to write, she informed me that she had been reading this very blog!  I couldn't deny that I was in fact, attempting to write!

     Took me a few days, wondering what to write about.  I thought about the audience...Parents, like me, dealing with similar issues, raising our children while trying to maintain our own personal lives and our sanity!  What did I want these parent to hear from someone that may be on a comparable journey?  I thought about Kerstin and how she has and still endures so much on a daily basis.  I knew that there were parents out there that would see this newsletter and they know that their child is loved and gives them the strength they need!

     "You make it look easy!"  That title came to me and I knew I had to go with it.  I have been told countless times, that I make things look easy when it comes to caring for Kerstin.  It only seems that way because I have to do them.  I have to care for her.  I have to be her voice, her legs, her caretaker, her comforter but most importantly, I have to be her sometimes sane MOM.

     I hope to submit another article sometime in the future.  That one was written as encouragement to other parents and to push myself out of a comfort zone.  I am published in a paper that will be read read by parents across the state of Alabama and possibly beyond.  We are on a journey, growing each day, hence, "Growing With Kerstin".  

     If you want a copy of this newsletter, please inbox me on Facebook-Growing With Kerstin.  To get future copies please send your name and address to:

Susan Colburn
Children's Rehabilitation Services
602 S. Lawrence St.
Montgomery, AL 36104

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