Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Side lying.

     Once again, it has been some time since I've made a post with updates on Miss Kerstin.  Well, she has been doing well.  Since the last post she has had another round of Botox for her wrists.  Just in the past two weeks or so, her occupational therapist has mentioned talking with Kerstin's doctor about possibly doing tendon lengthening surgery to help with relaxing her wrists.  That part of this journey will be closely monitored.  For now, we will talk about dear old side lying.  As I am writing the boss, is wanting to be a bit fussy about side lying and she's only been down for about 5 minutes so far.  She has a few more to go. 

     Last month at her PT visit, therapist suggested "side lying" to help with another cumbersome place...the tightness of the right side of her neck. Hence, the neck support and her always tilting her head down and to the right.  Sometimes Kerstin is okay with it and others. like right now, she grumbles about it.  However, she stops long enough to watch tv for a bit and starts right back.  It is suggested to keep her in this position as long as she tolerates it.  One day toleration was well over an hour.  We will see about today.  

     A little about side lying.  Most probably equate this position with pregnancy however, side lying can be very beneficial in some forms of sleep apnea, it can help with some clients/ patients with dysphagia and numerous other conditions.  Case and point, miss Kerstin, diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and now needs side lying to hopefully help strengthen and lengthen muscles in her neck, further helping with her head control.  More information on side lying can be found here and here.  

     Kerstin is to be positioned onto her left side, with her head and spine aligned, eventually lowering her head in order to stretch and lengthen the muscles in the right side of her neck. Check her out in these pictures.  

Side lying.  She's ready sometimes and others not so much.