Wednesday, July 21, 2010

coming to a close! :-(

Well...its officially coming to a close....summer break! Only a few days before the start of another school year. I still can NOT believe that my princess is going to the third grade!! I'm so proud of her, and love her dearly! I told my mom that one she's done with the elementary school setting, I'm thinking of homeschooling her. The fact that the middle school she would be attending is NOT really all that accessible and its a battle that I just don't want to deal with anytime soon. I'm so THANKFUL to God for the opportunity that I have been blessed with; going to school with her everyday she's able to attend, as her paraprofessional/ aid! Truly a blessing!

I'm looking forward to this upcoming year, a new special ed. coordinator is in place; I've submitted a letter asking that Danita and her staff not be paid for services to my daughter, because of their lack of professionalism. I can not wait to meet the new coordinator, sorry Ms. Long didn't get the position though.

We have another orthopedic visit coming up next week, anxious to see what he has to say about her legs and the possibility of another surgery. All of this is turned over to GOD and I'm praying for the strength of not worrying over any of it!

...more to come...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Georgia summer trip

Kerstin got the chance to go to GA to visit the World of Coca Cola for the first time and the Georgia Aquarium for the third time. She had fun and even tried to keep her good spirit after getting some kind of virus. I'm not sure if she came in contact with it from someone at Coke or if it was from her sampling the many different coke products from around the world. I had to run out to CVS to get her some Immodium and Pedialyte. I think my sweetpea was a little home sick too.

We ( Regina, Audrey, Kerstin and myself ) had a great time!! So happy to wake up at home this morning though!