Monday, September 15, 2014

Manic Monday

     Today was Kerstin's first day going back to school after being home for a week with respiratory issues.  Last week was really rough.  There were many nights that sleep was almost nonexistent.  Kerstin was given breathing treatments and CPT around the clock.  The girl is a tough cookie!  She is my trooper!

     "Manic Monday" was exactly how our morning started off!  First thing, I had in my mind that today was the day that her Baclofen increased again.  That was NOT the case, the day is tomorrow!  She will once again increase, this time going to 1 and one half tablet, crushed and softened for g-tube administering.   I am so glad that I looked at the calendar on my cell and saw that the actual increase is tomorrow.  

     Second, after her bath this morning, I went ahead and switched her Scopolamine patch.  She wears one behind one ear for three days and then it is switched to the next ear and on and on.  We get to school and she's having therapy, therapist is working on some neck stretches and there is NO patch behind her right ear!  I can only assume that I attached while her skin was still too damp.  

   My issue with both of these instances is that insurance paying for the meds too soon is always tricky.  She will run out before time.  That's another issue for another day.  I am just glad that she was able to go back to school today!  Even if she did doze off in class!  


More to come...

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