Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Does she live at home?

     "Does she live at home?"  When you take your children to the doctor or they have been admitted to a hospital, do the doctors and nurses ask you does your child live in your...their home?  I cannot count the number of times I've been asked that!  Every time I'm asked, I always get a little bit upset.  I often wonder is it because of Kerstin's disability.  Could it be because she is now 12 and cannot do anything for herself?  Could it be the fact that I am a single parent to a child that needs care around the clock?

     Whatever the reason, I think there should be a way of knowing that bit of information without having to ask the PARENT that is sitting right there with the child!  I am pretty sure that if a child is being admitted to a hospital from a nursing facility, that information is readily available on forms and identification!  

     Just this year, back in February, I had a doctor ask me, if Kerstin lived in our home?  YES!! The questioning went further, do you think you will be able to continue to keep her in the home?  I was thinking to myself, "Do you ask other families this?"  If their child can walk and talk and do for themselves, are they asked these kinds of questions?  I told him, "As long as I'm able to do for Kerstin, she will live in HER home!"

     Do you ask or wonder if your friends and family members with their so-called "typical" or "normal" children, if they will keep them in their home?  Do you think you will be able to keep them there?  If it is not a thought that has crossed your mind, then think about that friend that has a little girl in a wheelchair, she can't walk, talk or do the things her peers are able to do.  How many times do you think she's been asked if her child lives at home?  What about the times doctors, nurses and others have wondered how long the child will be able to live at HOME?  

     It happens more than you realize or care to think about.  It hurts to be asked those questions!  It hurts to think of your child not being able to stay in the home they have known.  Some decisions are hard and they have to be made.  That is up to the individual's family, when and if that time comes.  For now,  as long as I am able, Kerstin will live in the home she's been in for 12+ years!

"There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort" 
~Jane Austen

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