Monday, September 8, 2014

Parental Involvement

   In schools today, what do you think one of the things some school officials would say is missing?  Parental Involvement!  Why do you think that is the case?  It is almost guaranteed that you will hear similar reasons no matter what school or community.  Reasons like, "We just can't get our parents out to support the children"  "Our parents aren't interested in things like this" and many other reasons.  Parents even give reason for their lack of involvement.  "I have to work"  "The teachers (other school officials) don't listen", and so many other reasons.  

     What about the parents that are committed?  The parents that are willing to help whenever and however they are needed?  Some are often overlooked, viewed as an outcast or trouble maker.  That has been my personal experience!   

     Speaking of my experience(s).  Time and time again and day after day, when Kerstin has been well and able to go to school, I have and will continue to be at her side.  Yet, somehow, when this mom brings up accessibility, special education, ideas or suggestions, I am considered an enemy! 

     After all, shouldn't advocacy and parental involvement go hand in hand?  When there is parental involvement, the parent(S) are not only involved, they also advocate for their child and others.  They want what is best for the child's education.  They want to make certain that the child is in an environment that is conducive to learning.  They want to ensure that the educators are qualified and knowledgeable.

     Schools/officials should want parents to know what is going on in the schools as well as with the board/district, right?  Maybe not!  With this parental involvement, parents should be able to voice their opinions, not just hold classes, make copies and sign in to meetings so that the schools look better.  Parents be engaged!  Be involved.  When parental involvement is sought, be supportive of what you get and build a relationship!

     Parental involvement=Advocacy!



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