Thursday, July 31, 2014

Princess Smiles-a-lot!

2nd Annual Alabama Angels Pageant

     The 2nd Annual Alabama Angels Pageant has come and gone!  I am sure that there were many participants that did not or could not participate in last years festivities, Kerstin included.  This year was different.  I mentioned on the Alabama Angels Pageant Facebook page months ago that Kerstin would not miss the event this year.  There would be no more hospital stays that would keep her from Hunter Hills Church

     You see, at the time of the pageant in 2013 Kerstin was just coming off of her 2 hospitals stay after two separate surgeries one month apart. The first being a bi-lateral triple arthodesis on both feet and the second was to have her g-tube placed.  However, pageant directors came to our home to present Kerstin with her crown, sash and goody bag!  Her day was beautiful all the same just not the full experience with all the bells and whistles. 

     The Friday before the pageant was a day of prepping and pampering for Kerstin.  Hair, nails...somewhat of an in home spa day for Princess Smiles-a-lot!  The excitement was brewing in Kerstin, I could see it all over her face.  She was so excited that she woke up Saturday morning around 4:45 a.m.  YES!  I went ahead and checked all of bags to make sure we had everything.  

     Upon arriving, the carriage rides were in full effect.  The decorations were so beautiful.  Volunteers were on hand to greet everyone, opening doors, just so much kindness.  There were booths set up to provide valuable information to the families as well.  We checked in and was assigned Kerstin's Guardian Angel.  I will tell you, I know we had the best one in the building!  

     The angels were so beautiful!  This day was a day they had the opportunity to shine and were included.  They sang, danced and told my little lady did with her Dynavox.  

Here's how the day went...

Dressed, belly full, now it's time to prep!

Actually smiling while I'm doing her hair!

Director, Renee Lantz
Pageant Team Leaders/Coordinators

Getting ready to go on stage...her cousins at her side.

Look mommy..I have on a little lipstick!

Her name in lights!

Little jokester is coming on stage...
Kerstin with her Guardian Angel, Carol and emcee, Chris Britton
Telling her jokes with assistance!

Angels and military excorts!

Crowns and sashes..

A goody bag too...

The day is done...dreaming about the next one!

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