Monday, August 4, 2014

Back To School. Dread or Celebrate?

     It is that time of year!  Tons of parents are celebrating everywhere!  It's almost Fall and that means the new clothes and supplies have been purchased, buses will be rolling soon and the bells will be sounded as the new school year commences.  Morning routines will or already have started.  Those routines include; getting everyone up and out of bed after months of sleeping in late.  Getting dressed and out the door.  Mad dashes for the car or bus.  Yeah, it's going to be interesting.

     Many parents are happy because their lovelies will be "out of their hair", so to speak, at least for a few hours per day.  They send them off with their backpacks, stocked with supplies and that is it, until there is a need for homework help.  If you are a parent like myself, raising a school aged child with special needs, the daily routine is a bit different!

     I'm not jumping for joy because it's time for back to school.  I won't be laying back in bed once the bus pulls off with Kerstin.  There is no complaining here.  Just education and hopefully an understanding!  Things are different in some households and families.  

     My words a few days ago on a Facebook post:  When prepping for back to school, some of us have to do more than clothes, pencils and paper, backpacks and lunchboxes.  We have to make sure seizure/epilepsy care plans are in place, medicine lists and schedules as well as g-tube feeding schedules are ready.  Not to mention the many letters and notes from doctors, therapists and specialists...and then the petty stuff.  It's almost that time!


     Kerstin has been in school since August 2006.  I have been her "right-hand Mom" since day one!  Everyday that she's been able to attend school, I have been there providing service and assistance to/for her.  These services weren't limited to only her.  I have assisted the instructors when needed and definitely Kerstin's classmates.  That is how it's supposed to be, right?  If you're in education, you're there for the children!

    In spite of the pettiness I've endured over the years just to ensure that my daughter receives an education with peers of her age and in her community, I still happily attend school with her.  I do whatever is necessary to ensure that she receives an education in as much of a "normal" way and that it happens in an environment that resembles her life and community.  Her life is not self-contained and neither will her education!!

     So, as the school year approaches, remember those among you that have to go the extra mile with there little ones in order to get them prepared for school.  We don't just send them to school, some have to go or be there more than most! 

More to come...

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