Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer break is over!!!

     Well, today was Kerstin's first day as a 7th grade student!  I am still in disbelief!  My daughter, my baby is in 7th grade and will be a teenager in December!

     Today was interesting.  I am amazed at how district leaders know how to avoid you when things aren't fully in place.  This is NOT the post for that and I will not "go there" now!  I hope they know IEP's were written at the end of the 2013-14 school year!

     Kerstin wanted to sleep in late!  Like always, I had the lights and TV on...nothing was working at first.  Eventually, we got the day started!  She was happy to see her teachers and the students, only for a while too.  She was ready to go.  I knew she couldn't stay long anyway because of the seating arrangements and her chair being a snug fit.  Hopefully the new wheels will be here soon. 

Here are some pictures from Kerstin's first day of school!  

All loaded up, ready to go!

"I'm ready to go home now!" 

More to come...

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