Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Wheelchair For A Day!!

     You know when something is constantly on your mind, you have to get it out there, so to speak.  Getting it out there can be talking about it, writing about it...whatever, however.  As long as it is o-u-t!  I made another Facebook post about the fact that Kerstin is at school, in an already snugly fit wheelchair, yet there is no another way for her to sit that is supportive.  

Very similar to Kerstin's chair!

     The beanbag she used for years before moving on to middle school is now flattened.  We were told by the special ed coordinator that "if it was purchased with special education funds, it can be used by any student".  Kerstin being the only user of that beanbag was NOT a problem until I went to the newspaper on the horrible accessible issues at the school.  Never-mind the fact that Kerstin and one other child were the only ones in wheelchairs.  He wasn't in attendance much this past school year.  Nonetheless, I was able to borrow a Tumble Form chair from CRS.  Kerstin used that chair until she went home on medical leave, prior to her spinal fusion.   

    After surgery, Kerstin had extra inches and pounds on her and quickly outgrew the borrowed chair!!  We've been seeking funding and sources for a chair that is big enough for her now.  It's coming soon, like the newly ordered wheelchair, they take a little time.  

     The back-story came to say once again...if these school leaders were in or had to be in wheelchair all the time...how would they handle things?  No other seating option.  No way to get out of the chair unless she is being changed!  NO, Kerstin will NOT be in attendance for the entire school day without another way to sit!  You know once I said that, letters are needed!  I already saw that one coming!  
Therapy/changing table.  Can't sit here unsupported!

     Kerstin's ortho specialist said something that I will not forget.  At her appointment last month when we were talking about school and seating, he said "It seems like so many people in our schools have lost all common sense."  That was powerful!  I haven't been seeing much common sense lately.  The people within her school system that seem to have it are often treated badly, and please don't form a decorum with Kerstin's mom.  Some have questioned how one could be nice to me after my going to the media.  Makes me laugh!  

     "Wheelchair For A Day!"  I would be willing to do the leg work to find chairs for a day.  Would the superintendent, special education coordinator, all central office administrators, and every board member be willing participants in "Wheelchair For A Day?  Our friends in the media will also be invited!

Inclusion!  That means,  YOU try a Wheelchair For A Day.  Share your experiences!

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