Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Change the Changing Stations!

     You cannot count the times you've been out with your family whether, it was shopping, dining, appointments, entertainment or whatever, you've needed the restroom!  If you haven't that's a new one!  If you haven't it is a guarantee that your little one or the little ones you're traveling with have needed the restroom.  It is a part of life.  Whether it be a newborn or an elderly person...the restroom break is inevitable.  

     For many of us, we are raising children with special needs.  Those needs include having to be changed!  This is NO easy feat when the person needing to be changed is well over the height and weight limit of the very popular "Koala Kare" changing stations that are readily available in almost every restroom I've been in.  You've seen them.
AMC Theaters-Montgomery, AL


     There in-lies the problem, the big issue!  Babies and infants are NOT the only people in our society that needs the changing stations or access to a public restroom.  We have preteens, teens and even adults that cannot go into the restrooms and use the toilets or the urinals, my preteen included!  

     I wish you could see the acrobatics I perform when I am in the restroom changing a 75 lbs/ 4 feet whatever inch on a changing station that is only designed for a baby.  I'm usually standing on one leg because my knee is under the station for extra support!  I'm leaning to her chair for her toiletries at the same time keeping a hand on her so that she doesn't come off the side!!! Some of they are higher than others making the process even more challenging!

     I know that something better can be done!!  We have so many family restrooms now.  They too, are available almost everywhere I've gone lately.  I know an adult size station can at least be placed in those restrooms!  Our families deserve that and the privacy!

Changing area at Children's Rehabilitation-Montgomery, AL

CRS-Montgomery, AL

     I know a simple table or cushioned bench is not hard to place in restroom and place a simple accessible sign above it is not expensive!  Next stop, Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

More to come...

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