Thursday, July 17, 2014

Georgia on her mind!

     Well, the weekend of July 11-13 has come and gone!  The weeks and days coming up to the trip, I became worried on how we would travel with Kerstin's wheelchair, luggage and that included a Kangaroo pump and the pole which it hangs.  Little did I know, the medical supply company would screw up her pump bag order, leaving us without bags for 4 nights the week prior to our trip.  

     I had to consult with my nurse sister, on how to rework Kerstin's feeding schedule so that she wouldn't miss the amount the she would have gotten overnight.  Turned out to be easier than I anticipated.  Not having to travel with the pump and pole, along with Pediasure, syringes, bags, and extension sets that we already had to carry.  The boluses turned out to be pretty easy, the adjustments were too.  
Kangaroo Pump/Pole
     Now, on to the fun stuff!  Kerstin has been a fan of the Georgia Aquarium since the very first time she went in 2007.  She was in love with all the aquatic life and her mom was in love with the delight in her eyes!  I'm sure every parent wants to witness their child(ren) doing or seeing something that they love.  

     So many animals to see, so many people!  It is my hope that one day soon, people will realize that people with disabilities are ever present and they enjoy doing things just like everyone else.  I say that because we constantly came across people that were seemingly unaware or just didn't care that there was a child using a wheelchair, trying to enjoy the aquarium just like they were.   

     First stop, the Dolphin Tale show, we couldn't take pictures or videos!  The show was beautiful!!  Kerstin didn't take her eyes away from the pool area where the dolphins and trainers performed.  On to the next attractions.  Tank after tank, we saw beautiful fish, otters, whales and sharks.   She was worn out but, she had a great time!  Here are a few pictures we'd like to share. 

Georgia Aquarium, Kerstin is on her way!
On our way in, an employee on break took our picture!

Whale Shark

She loves the Belugas! 


She got to see divers in action. 

Got to see an interesting parade through the lobby. 

Until next time...

More to come...

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