Monday, August 30, 2010


So, last Thursday, my sweet pea had a 'feeding clinic' appointment again. I initially thought she was going in just to be fitted for a Tumble Form feeding chair...the appointment was just that, another feeding clinic. She was weighed, length taken and the talk of nutrition and feedings and watching her eat some of the things she likes to eat. But, it turned into one of the most devastating appointments I've have with my daughter in years!!

We had gone alone, just the two of us, and to hear the nutritionist and speech pathologist say that she is underweight, which was not a surprise to me, she's short for her age, no surprise here either...she hasn't gained or grown in four months...surprising! Hearing, "we may have to look into a feeding tube to help meet her nutritional needs, she can still be fed by mouth but her Pediasure will be tube fed"...devastating!!

I cried, and could barely compose myself for the rest of the appointment...I managed to find out other options. She will be placed on a higher calorie nutrition drink four times a day and will have to have monthly weigh ins.

I am praying to God for the strength to make it each day...for the knowledge and ability to do the best that I can for my daughter. I've been reading and researching other drinks, different purees and mechanical soft foods...she will be fed more throughout the day, she will gain weight, no feeding tube needed!!

more to come...

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