Sunday, August 1, 2010

Only a week left....

There is only one week left before our summer break is officially over! *sighs* It has been lots of fun in spite of the heat! We've managed to stay busy with therapy and other appointments. On Tuesday, the 27th, sweet pea had an appointment with her orthopedic specialist for routine follow up on her hip dislocation. Thank God, still no arthritis or scoliosis!! She will not have to see him until next summer unless her therapist thinks or sees a reason or need to see him sooner.

I'm kinda excited, somewhat though, to be getting back to school with her. She will be in 3rd grade! Where did the time go? She does NOT know that man that is considered her 'dad' she wouldn't know him if he walked in the door right this moment. He has not seen her in 6 years...sad excuse for a man and 'father'! That is not stopping us from enjoying life and our time together! She is a blessing and has changed mommy's life for the better!! Nothing and no one can make it better! Our BOND is unbreakable!!!

more to come...

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