Friday, August 20, 2010

Another week done!

Week two of school is in the record books!! Sweet pea had a fairly decent week! We came home early on Wednesday because she had had two long days, Monday and Tuesday. She was tired and took a nap when we got home! Not like her at all.
I'v been facing yet another conflict with things at school for her. I can not seem like for the life of me get an understanding from her speech teacher on what day(s) she will be working with her. I'v told her more than once that for the past few months she's been having therapy at the hospital on Monday afternoons. She first told me that she would work with her on Monday/Wednesday mornings at 10 a.m., then it was Tuesday/Thursday at 10 a.m., then Thursday she decides she wants to see her at the time the resource teacher has her scheduled and that was so distracting and very confusing. She tells me today at the end of the school day that she's 'probably' gonna work with her on Monday and Wednesday at 1 p.m., but wasn't sure. I was like okay, I'm not asking anymore and her therapy appointments have been scheduled for September, on Monday afternoons.
I am so tired of the 'educated educators' being so asinine!!

More to come...

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