Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Late New Year start

Happy New Year!!

There has been tons of things going on since the last post! TONS! First, my sweet pea is on a steady incline of weight gain, with only one setback in October when she was really sick with a cold and lost a few ounces, not much. But, since then she has been constantly gaining, we're only a few ounces shy of the nutritionist 40 lb goal. Yes, that is still small for a now 9 year old, but its up from where she was and this gain keeps her from having a feeding tube...we'll take it!! She's gonna continue to gain and mommy will lose!
Back in December, the love of my life turned 9!! I'm still in shock at how much she has grown, the progress we have made, the goals she's met as far as PT goes. Thank God for BLESSINGS and miracles. She is still having weekly PT/OT/Speech sessions at the hospital! We are on another path of praying its not what they're thinking...dealing with scoliosis when she's sitting...over the ball ( therapy ball ) her back is straight but her PT noticed some subtle "curving". This too shall pass and its nothing God can't handle!
Also, in December, the Sunday after my daughter's birthday, my mom was admitted to the hospital with severe back and leg pains, she couldn't even walk. She was in for three days and had to have a biopsy done because and MRI showed some spots on her back bone. My mom also suffers from Kidney disease/Renal failure, and these spots could be a cancer caused by the kidney problems know as Myeloma. After that biopsy was done we had to wait another week for the results... talk about fasting and praying! Her appointment...Dr. said the test showed no cancer but he wanted to make sure it was ruled out and was going to schedule her for a mammogram, pelvic exam and another biopsy! Appointments were scheduled...but mom got worse with pains and swelling. She was hospitalized again, this time for a week! She had the other biopsy done and we were told that the results comes back in three phases first phase negative of cancer. She had her follow up last week and still making strides and doing somewhat better. She does have to start dialysis, but will be able to do the in home treatments. This process will start within the next few weeks! We are praying to God for divine intervention, strength and knowledge to endure this too!
In spite of all of this we are looking forward to and expecting a GREAT year! With God as our guide we can't go wrong!
More to come...

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