Monday, June 30, 2014

No Parking!!!

     How many times have you gone to Walmart, the mall, the movies or even your child's school and someone was parked in accessible parking and you felt they shouldn't park there?  It has been too many times to count for us!  Feelings and counts aside...they have no tag or placard acknowledging the need to use accessible parking.  Let's keep in mind, not all disabilities are visible!  The person may have asthma or COPD, Epilepsy or some other type of medical need that causes them to need to park close to where they are going. 

     We also need to "keep it real" and be honest!  People are abusing the tags, the placards and overly abusing accessible parking.  It is NOT convenience parking!  That parking is there, close to the buildings and spacious enough for individuals and families that really need them.  We have people and wheelchairs to unload and it CANNOT be done so easy in the usual aisle parking. 

     I know that every single time I have gone to Walmart, I am guaranteed to see people pulling up withe placards swinging from the rear-view mirror, when they clearly state to remove before driving. 

 The part that really bugs me is when there is a vehicle parked on the striped lines in accessible! 

That is very inconsiderate when, like I stated earlier, families are unloading people and wheelchairs.  People are parking in ramp vans which need the extra space, 8 feet is printed on most vehicles with ramps! 

     Vistaprint just might be getting business!  Whenever I see a vehicle parked on the lines, they will come out and see something similar to one of the pictures and a little message saying "Think before you park!"

Be mindful, the spaces are not a luxury!  They are a necessity!  

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