Thursday, June 26, 2014

Name things

I decided to change the name of this blog from "Life: Just a mom raising a child with "special needs"" to "Growing with Kerstin: Raising a child with "special needs".  Why?  I am doing just that, I am growing every single day.  I am growing as Kerstin grows.  Growing in my faith.  Growing in knowledge.  Growing in awareness.   Growing in and with respect.  

All of this growing that is taking place within and around me is happening while I watch my daughter grow each and everyday.  She is growing to be a young lady that is loved more than the day before.  That love is not only from me, her mom but, it is from so many people around her. 

Kerstin is a trailblazer!!! I am blessed to be on this trailblazing journey with my daughter.  The things I fight for for her will benefit so many other children and adults with special needs and their families.  

So, we are growing and I am so excited.  I cannot wait to continue to share our journey and impressions left because I am no longer silent or afraid to advocate for Kerstin!

More to come...after all, we are GROWING,

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