Saturday, July 20, 2013

My thoughts!

I guess I will "race-bait", if you want to call it that. Or, state the facts, voice my opinion, about what has been going on lately.
The election and re-election of President Obama, and as of late, the Zimmerman Trial has clearly shown that we do NOT live in a post-racial American society.  Yes, we are making strides to make sure EVERYONE is treated as equals and with respect, but we are not fully there.
As an African-American/Black woman I have never said that all white people were or are racist, that would not be fair.  I would love it if all black people were not considered lazy, ignorant, violent, criminal and angry--I am neither!
I would hope that the white people I consider friends and that have called me a friend wouldn't think I was a racist that I race-bait because I speak from experience about the inequalities we, as African-Americans face each and everyday.
Please don't think I'm stupid and angry because of my opinions on social, financial and political issues.  I am far from stupid!
I am one of 6 children, 5 living, raised by a single mom.  I can remember my mom talking to my brother before he would leave home just to hang out with friends and enjoy life, her telling him where to go, where not to go, how to act and what to do--just because he was young black male.
My mom, raised us to work for what we want, to be respectful and responsible, and to follow the rules/laws. We are all over 30 years old and none of us have been incarcerated.
So, am I angry? When I'm presumed ignorant, lazy, racist, stupid or criminal! Again, we are not post-racial and I'm not stupid! Just like so many, I just want a better life for my family!

More to come...

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