Monday, March 28, 2011

Today has been one of those days...

It's Monday...a cool and dreary Monday!  We have a busy day tomorrow, a trip that 2 hours one way to see my princess' orthopedic specialist.  That's the main reason I decided today would be a day of us not leaving the house and just hanging out relaxing, watching TV.  Believe it or not the little one is into Twilight ( mommy too ), that's what she's watching now as I compose this blog. 

Will definitely post updates tomorrow on how things go at this appointment, because her physical therapist has some concerns about scoliosis and her left ankle bone is protruding and her foot seems to be turning outward more.  She's requesting that the doctor changes her to a multi podus boot ( i'm assuming it would be similar to this or this one ) because its softer and she doesn't think the harder plastic AFO's are working for her now.  

It always seems to be one thing or the next, but we are still striving...not giving up!

More to come...

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