Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dreary day!

Its wet here today!! Its been raining since last night..appears its going to be raining for a while!  Its okay, we get to spend this day in the house cuddled up watching TV ( cartoons ).  Normally this would have been a school/therapy day, we actually had three appointments scheduled for today; a seating clinic ( making wheelchair adjustments ), Speech and OT....the rain and storms delayed all of those!

The little one is peacefully enjoying her relaxing day with mom...I'm enjoying the day in with her!

I am serious about being able to make the best of what we have and build on it!  I want to build on this blog and let it serve as an inspirational point for someone that has to go through trials, large and small, parenting is not easy and having to parent a child with special needs can be overwhelming.  I always tell myself to make time for ME, haven't done it much but that's a must!!

More to come...

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