Thursday, March 31, 2011

This is a tough one...

I've been taking my time to sit down and compose this blog.  I had to call my mom and one of my sisters has been constantly giving me supportive pep talks.  I didn't cry at my daughter's orthopedic appointment this past Tuesday, but wanted to after hearing the doctors report.  This appointment was made because I had expressed concern to her physical therapist about her foot and she along with another therapist had concerns about her back and that maybe she had scoliosis!

Arriving at the appointment, she had to have ex-rays done, I mean plenty of them in different positions; back, side, legs straight, feet pulled up... So when the doctor came in, I knew instantly he had something to tell us.  There is what he called a "19 degree curve in her spine and she will have to wear a scoliosis jacket at night for the next few years, its not a significant curve and we are catching it early, thanks to watching her and her therapies".

Her ankle: will have to have surgery by the time she's 10, unless her foot ( ankle ) starts to swell, the calluses turn red and are bruised/irritated.  He was saying all of this and I'm looking at my 'baby' on that examine table like "OMG, another surgery!"...thinking she'll be 10 in December...then he explains the "gluing of the ankle"..which brought the tears, but I held them back, so that I wouldn't cry in front of her.  The "gluing" is major 'bony' work, she will have a pin in ankle to hold her foot straight and another heel cord lengthening to help release and not cause her foot to turn.  She will also have to have a multi podus boot, to sleep in as well!  That's going to take some getting used to for the both of us.

That was my Tuesday in a very hard nutshell.  So, tomorrow, we will be on our way to be fitted for the jacket and the boot!  Afterwards, I have to let her have some fun, and I will too!  We are going to see the new Easter movie, Hop!

More to come...

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