Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My princess...

Love her dearly!!  We had a long day on Monday...what a way to start off our Spring Break!  God is in the small stuff...on yesterday, my princess had to go to Children's Hospital ( great place, excellent doctors ) for an appointment with the neurologist there!  I didn't post about this, but a couple of weeks back she had these little jerks and had her head turned in one direction...everything in me said it was a seizure again...didn't want it to be but that motherly instinct said it was.  Made and appointment to see them again and doctor ordered an EEG, our routine follow up turned into a three hour appointment.  Results will be back at the end of the week!  However, her doctor put her back on a seizure med a lower dose than the one she was previously on and reassured that he did not want her permanently on them and could be weened off just like before, just didn't want her having seizures that were not treated by some  a med!  He also ordered labs so he could check for things!

We are, as always, praying through this too!  She's fine, she's happy and mom is doing all that she can...couldn't do it without God and constant prayer!

We've got to make the most of this week away from school!

More to come...

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