Friday, January 22, 2010

Never ending...

Since January 10, 2010, my 'sweetpea' has been having spasms/leg cramps, almost daily it seems. Some days they have been pretty bad, especially at night. After her weekly therapy appointments she seems to rest easier, not the case this Wednesday night, she had spasms afterwards. Last night was one of those nights that she didn't go to sleep until late ( 1:30 a.m. ) then awaken by spasms ( light ) around 3 a.m. , then around 5 a.m. she was screaming with a very tight leg...needed a massage and comforting.

I titled this one never ending, because it seems as if these trying times are never ending. I am and will remain prayerful because I know that God is always in control and this is a test of my faith. Lord, I know this will not last always! Thank you!!

At her therapy appointment earlier this week, I was talking with her therapist and trying to see if I could coax her into saying that just maybe her ortho specialist would possibly wait until this fall to perform the hip surgery...she looked at me like that's doubtful. She said with the spasms she's been having lately and the 'popping' of her hip, she didn't know that he would wait that long, but let's see what he will say on next week!

Trials and trying times come to us all and we just have to have the faith that God is definitely in control and will be our guide if we are prayerful and fervent with our prayers and praises. I am a work in progress and I thank you Lord for everything, and everyday!!

More to come...

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