Thursday, October 24, 2013

Last day of school...

So, here we are!  Kerstin's last day of school until after surgery, which is probably January.  The plan was to go around to all of her teachers and classmates to tell them to have a safe Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Didn't work out!  I did not want to get too emotional and she notices, she senses my emotions and would have cried all the way home.  One of her friends since Pre-K overheard a conversation I was having with one of the teachers and looked at me like she wanted to cry.  She is such a sweet girl, and has always been so sweet to Kerstin and me.

What we did instead was said our "see you later's" to her teachers in the hall.  They all wished her well and speedy recovery.  Even exchanged numbers to check in on her!  It is truly a blessing to have TEACHERS that really care for their students' well-being, wish their supervisors and administrators were as caring but, that's a post for another day!  Wouldn't you know that Kerstin did NOT leave school empty handed either!  Her school's nurse gave her night gowns to be warm and comfy, her teacher and speech pathologist gave us a goodie bag with pajamas, slippers, glove and ear muff set, socks for Kerstin and had a magazine, hot cocoa, Cokes, snacks, lotion, hand sanitizer.  Must say that we have been truly blessed  with so many supportive people.  The blessings have come in mail, via UPS and from church.  Comfort items and monetary support.  It all means so much, more than the supporters will ever know!!

So, we are here, no more school until January.  Eleven days before surgery!  Please continue to pray with us for Kerstin's strength, safety and healing.

More to come...