Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day...not just a day!

     I hope you have on GREEN!  Today is World Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day!  What does that mean?   Awareness to those that don't fully understand Cerebral Palsy.  Awareness to let the world know that more and more people are both with Cerebral Palsy and countless others are diagnosed with it every day.  What do you know about Cerebral Palsy?  

     Don't worry, Cerebral Palsy is not contagious!  Cerebral is of or pertaining to the cerebrum of the brain.  Palsy or palsies are muscular conditions that are defined by tremors of the body parts.  There are three types of cerebral palsy:  spastic, which causes muscle stiffness and difficulty with movements;  athethoid, causes involuntary movements and ataxic causes problems with depth perception and balance.  So, there is no catching any of those. 

Cerebral Palsy info

      For so many families, mine included, Cerebral Palsy is not just a term, awareness day is not just like any another day, it's life.  We live and battle each day.  These battles include those stiff muscles, seizures, wheelchairs, countless doctors, therapists, specialists, medicines, hospital stays, surgeries and many sleepless nights.  I haven't met a parent of a child with special needs that don't understand what I am dealing with and they have faced some of the same battles or they are about to.  Connections are so important. 

     Along with the struggles and the battles, there are immeasurable joys that come along with raising a child with special needs.  I know that raising Kerstin has changed my life in ways I will never be able to fully explain.  I am more patient, having to speak up for her has bought out the advocate in my...that voice that will speak for those that cannot do it for themselves.  I will type/write too!!  I am not only Kerstin's mom, I'm her advocate too!  She has forced me to grow and become a better person. 

My reason!

     So, as the world is made aware of Cerebral Palsy, I encourage you to follow some of the links in this blog post.  Read up on Cerebral Palsy and gain a better understanding of our loved ones living with it each day! 

More to come...

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