Saturday, January 28, 2012

I CAN'T...

     What a title, right?  Especially when we are in a day and age when "can't" should NOT be an option for us nor our children.  I've had this on my mind for a few days.  I'm always hearing other moms talk about what they can't get their children to do, how they are constantly telling them to go do this, or go do that. I hear them talk about how it's hard to get them out of bed for school in the morning and how they just won't shut up, clean up or whatever it may be.  I sit back and reflect what it would be like for ME to have to constantly stay on Kerstin about getting dressed, taking a bath or cleaning her room.  How it might feel to tell Kerstin to be quiet. I can't!

     I can't tell Kerstin to get up and get dressed, I have to do that for her.  I can't tell Kerstin to clean her room, she doesn't mess it up, even when her cousins visit, they clean it or I'll do it.  I can't tell Kerstin to go to her room, unless taken, she's not able to voluntarily. I can't tell Kerstin to be quiet, her coos, aahs, babbles and laughter is music to my ears!  I could go on and on listing the negative I can't's...there is no point in that.  After 10 years on this journey, my life has changed for the better.  My eyes, heart and mind are opened to new and challenging things.  I've been forced to learn about things I had once never given a thought. For that, I am THANKFUL to God!!!

     There are some things that I know I definitely can't have...I can't let life go by for Kerstin and myself! I can't let or allow my daughter to be sheltered from LIFE.  I can't let Kerstin's disability stop her from being a child.  I can't let society and certain "professionals' tell me what's best and right for my child.  I can't let negativity and ignorance keep me from enjoying my daughter and her enjoying LIFE.  I can't let anything or anyone stop her from making strides and progress!  I can't let a diagnosis determine her boundaries...the possibilities are is to be lived and enjoyed!!!


  1. Just meet you in pschat. Great post!

  2. Aloha my friend, Wow I didn't know you blog see what happens when your nosey! lol I just read your post and I pray on your family, I ask for strength & blessing's that your family can't contain!
    I know physically & mentally it's hard, but I believe God made Kerstin perfect not by our society, but by our Lord. I just love the way you don't let anything stop you & I get the feeling if it did, you would make a way & still push on. I am so happy to have found a wonderful friend & twitter winner buddy lol. God bless you and your family.

    1. Thank you so much Kymi. I had to re-read this one myself. We are on another journey. Kerstin is about to have surgery and it's stressful. We are making it.