Sunday, June 12, 2011

Scoliosis jacket/ night time splints update

Progress has been made, finally got the little darling to sleep ONE full night in her jacket!!! YAY!  I really think it was by accident on HER part.  She was sleepy and it was going past her bedtime when I put it on her Tuesday night ( 6.7.11 ), I was so elated that we got a full night.  She had other things in mind, because since that night she has NOT made a full night again, luckily we had and ortho appointment this past Friday, and he said that the jacket is doing its job, when she's in it, her 19 degree curve was down to under 5 degrees, shown during her x-ray!!  Happy about that!  I asked if it was okay to have her wear it during the day while she's home lounging, to get her acclimated to it...YES!  So, we shall see!

On another note, the night time splints, which we've had no problems with getting her to sleep in, rubbed her foot Tuesday night causing a red spot on her heel that still hasn't cleared, but the ones on her ankles have.  Dr. said to not put them back on until that spot is gone.  He stated that she moved around a lot that night causing the friction,and with her skin being so soft that caused the bruising. So, as you can see, its constantly something, but as always, we're pressing through it!!!

More to come...

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