Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Seizures Suck!


   "Seizures Suck!"  If you have a family member or if you know someone who has a seizure disorder or is diagnosed, you have probably heard them say those words or have seen them around.  They are so true.  Seizures suck the life out of a party so to speak.  The day or night may be going along smoothly, then out of nowhere...SEIZURES happen and literally suck the joy from the moment. 

     Kerstin's first seizure (first visible one anyway) was April 15, 2004.  That is a night I won't forget for some time.  Since then I can't even begin to count the number of seizures she has had.  However, it is a fact that the older my daughter has gotten, the more frequent her seizures have been happening.  At first, they were spaced by days, weeks even months, not anymore.  I can tell you that we are blessed enough to say that she is not having them on a daily basis like so many with the diagnosis.  

     On Monday, February 15 we were once again at Children's Hospital for another neurological appointment.  My oldest sister went along with us to this seemingly routine appointment and I jokingly told her that I hadn't been on the other wing of the hospital since Kerstin had been discharged after that month long stay.  Right off the elevator we even bumped into a former nurse practitioner that worked with Kerstin's orthopedic specialist, chatted with her for a minute and rushed off to the appointment.  

     Once in the back, Kerstin and I snapped a few pics, she's always camera ready :))  Nurse comes in first and we share seizure activity since the last appointment, talked about sleep pattern and routine question and answer.  Later, the doctor comes in and routine checks are done, we go into detail about seizure activities and how long they last.   Kerstin is a growing young lady, Dr.  talked all about hormonal changes, progesterone, Depo-Provera, ovulation, cycles and the numerous common female changes that can in fact increase seizure activity.  

     Also, noted was the need to have an updated MRI study done as well as the need for a sleep and seizure study.  Okay.  "I need to have all of these done before we consider the Depo shots and to rule out the need for any epilepsy surgery." says the doctor.  The stunned mommy in me, couldn't even ask details on "epilepsy surgery".  There will be no need for that.  Yet, in my mind I am still thinking that the sleep study, seizure study and MRI would be an overnight process...NO!  We are now mentally preparing for a week long stay in our former apartment building called- Children's Hospital of Alabama-Birmingham!  

The journey continues...grow with us!

More to come... and yeah,

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  1. Mattisa, the Book of Job had to be written with you in mind. I know how you hate being in the Birmingham hospital. It seems like yesterday that you were there before. One day at a time (sigh). xxx