Friday, September 18, 2015

Our journey!

     I have not made a post since the Fireworks post back in early July.  Well, so much has transpired since July 4th weekend and the post.  I don't even know exactly where to start but, with everything, you have to start somewhere.  

     So, July 25th is where I will start.  That is the day of the Alabama Angels Pageant.  As I prepare this post, I realize that I have yet to open the email containing Kerstin's official pageant pictures.  They will come later!
The day was beautiful, it was a very hot day but it was so beautiful for all of the participants and their families.  Kerstin had a crew of supporters as usual.  The day was not only beautiful it was a lot of fun.  We got home and I just had to show my mom and oldest sister the pics from the day, since they didn't attend.  First I had to get Kerstin settled and into something cool and comfy.  Blessed to live next door to my mom's I walked over to show her the many pictures from the day.  

     Mom was so excited to see her youngest granddaughters hanging out with Kerstin on this beautiful Angels Day.  We took pictures from the arrival at the church, Kerstin changing into her formal dress, getting her hair fluffed by my sister and Kerstin's Guardian Angel, to make up and definitely on the stage.  It was a thrill to show my mom.  My regret about that afternoon, I didn't take Kerstin into my mom's; Kerstin was so tired and hot, I wanted to her to relax a bit.

Pageant ready; Snowflakes and Dreams

     The next day, July 26th.  I am up on my Sunday morning routine of checking on mom, she is already in the kitchen about to have breakfast.  So, this is where we will sit and chat about Kerstin, the pageant again and life...whatever comes up.  We sat for a long time that morning talking, mom asked me to help her get back in bed before I left.  She said she wasn't feeling well and wanted to lay in bed for a while.  About an hour later my mom was being rushed to the ER by my youngest sister!  Almost 2 months later I am still numbed by how quickly life changed that weekend.

July 27th at 9:25 a.m., I stood outside of an ICU room and watched things I've only seen in movies and on TV take place and finally hearing a doctor say "Time of death" and was talking about the woman that knew me best, the one who instilled so much in me, who took care of me and my child!  Those three words signaled the end of her in the physical.  

     As we sat there trying to come to terms with things, I felt the urge to walk around to the therapy center where Kerstin goes to cancel her appointment that would have been that Wednesday.  As I was walking, I bumped into one of the therapist and she stopped and asked if I was okay? NO! She told me after I informed her of what was going on, that anytime she hears the "Code Blue", whatever she is doing, she always stops and says a prayer for the patient and family.  This time she said, she had no idea that she was praying for Kerstin's family!

     Not only did I feel the need to cancel therapy,  I also questioned how could I tell Kerstin what was going on and that she would not be able to see her Granny anymore.  How could I do this in a way that my child would understand?  I still don't know if I have done it in an okay way.  I have shown her pictures and videos yet every time we go to Granny's house, Kerstin always looks at that chair where she would be sitting and it breaks my heart to know that she is still looking for her! 

     We are almost two months into this new reality and it still seems like it is July 27th.  So, our journey now includes grief and many firsts.  I just had my first birthday without getting the one call/birthday wish I could count on even if no one else said anything, that was extremely hard as well.  We are still growing on this journey! 

Our angel, may she rest well!

 An update on those fireworks and seizures is coming next...

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