Saturday, September 10, 2011

The week did not end on a good note...

So, we've decided to keep therapy days on Friday's, that will give the princess a chance to rest and regroup.  Not going back to school the next morning sleepy and groggy from the exhaustion of school and therapy the day before.

This past Friday, she also had a weight check before therapy...get there and she has LOST about 10 ounces :(  So not what I wanted to or needed to hear!!  I was distraught and thinking what can I do ( suggestion are greatly appreciated ) to get my daughter to gain weight and maintain it!  I was told by one of therapists that added coconut oil to her foods ( pediasure ) would help to add extra calories.  I've got to get a food processor and make her purees myself!  I just feel so helpless and not sure where to start and what to up is NOT an option though!!

We're going to make it happen and get through this too.

More to come...

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