Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pulling mommy's leg!!!

Tomorrow should be another interesting day of therapy!  Last week my little princess had therapy, but my sister went along with us to do some back to school shopping!  What would you know...the princess got to therapy and decided she was NOT having it and 'pretended' to be so sleepy and totally not in the mood for her session! Therapist came back out with her and told me that she seemed so groggy and not up to therapy that particular day...she was looking the part!!!

About an hour later, after lunch, we arrived at Target...ALL SMILES!!!  She was literally in her "happy place"!!  We were in there longer than usual because of back to school shopping for her and not once did she have to be re-positioned in her chair or, calm, and collected!  :-)

Gotta love MY PRINCESS!!!

More to come...

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