Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The stress of being mom and all...

Being a mom is hard work, no matter if you're married, single parenting, raising one or twenty kids.  Raising a child with a disability coupled with single parenting is tremendously hard.  It has to be done!!!  I  never knew how much stress can affect you until this month.  After hearing that my daughter has scoliosis and would need another surgery on her feet, all of that along with...yeah, her hip is still dislocated, I was totally drained.

I took my daughter to be fitted for the jacket and the boots that she will have to sleep in and that day I felt myself feeling week in my back and leg...being 'supermom' I let it slide.  We had a nice outing afterwards, went to see "Hop" and the pains grew and grew, going from my back hurting to feeling okay then my leg would feel like it was just cramping...when I tell you that today April 19, 2011 is the first day I've been feeling okay.  Still not 100% but I can bend without pain and sit and get up without pain.  On last Friday, I had taken my daughter to school, and I was eager to perform my duties as her paraprofessional but the pains were unbearable, and I decided that I had to get that much needed break.  That's what we did!! We came home and relaxed!  Long soaks in the bathtub and leg cramps pills along with Motrin did the trick.

Basically what I'm saying and telling myself is that I need to take care of self as well...take mental breaks ( those are few and far between ), I have to because my princess needs me!!

More to come...

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